4 Benefits of massage on your Skin

by L'AVES 04 March 2021

How using massage therapy to compliment your skincare routine can improve your skin’s wellbeing?


Moisturise your skin

Massage helps to reduce tension in the skin and connecting tissues to allow the blood to access your skin easier. The dilation of surface capillaries will give your skin a healthy glow as blood flows more easily, improving colour and tone. Your skin texture can feel softer and supple as increasing circulation delivers nourishment and hydration. This nourishment regenerates your skin, enabling it to retain moisture easier and replace older skin cells with newer and healthier cells – replacing dry skin with vibrant skin!


Exfoliation – massage helps to remove skin impurities

Regular massages help to reduce the accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. Desquamation improves your skin’s health and appearance, tightening pores, improving skin texture and giving your skin a brighter glow. Massage assists skin gland production, allowing your skin to sweat out and eliminate impurities such as uric acid. The friction and motion of massage push built-up oils out and away from the pores enabling unhealthy elements in the blood to be excreted. Nutrients from the massage Fruit Enzyme gel can then be more easily absorbed helping you to look and feel healthier.


Massage for anti-ageing – making you look younger

Stress can wreak havoc on your skin, making you look and feel run down. If we continue to hold stressful facial poses, wrinkles can develop along the direction of the contracted muscles. Massage can release tension and relax the muscles, reducing the appearance and development of wrinkles. Increased blood flow and waste excretion help cell regeneration, supporting your skin’s resistance to infections and disease – leaving your skin feeling smoother and looking younger.


Tighten skin after pregnancy or weight loss

Massage can help you to bounce back after pregnancy or weight loss by aiding skin regeneration. By improving the elasticity of your skin, massage increases blood circulation allowing nutrients to replenish tired and stretched skin. Stretch marks or cellulite  can heal easier when dead skin cells are removed, opening up the pores and allowing your skin to breathe. As the cells regenerate you can notice the skin tone improve and your stretch marks reduce.

If you want to try massage beauty roller to look and feel better with healthier skin, consider giving it a go. Give yourself a spring in your step to go with your youthful, healthy and vibrant skin!


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