Loyalty Program




It’s really that simple, we love our customers to shop with us. 

Receive rewards for every purchase you make with us


Srtart as INSIDER become as a CROWN. 


Building your purchases (keep buying) months by months gives you amazing benefits

Every time you shop at LAVES.CO.UK you can get a new discount or increase an existing.
L’AVES Loyalty Program consists of 3 fixed discount levels.  Total value of purchases guaranteed a certain discount level
INSIDER - 10% then you spend £500 
STAR - 25% then you spend £1000
CROWN - 40% then you spend £1500


If the total value of your purchases exceeds the amount of fixed discount levels, you will receive a permanent discount for following purchases.

The levels of permanent discount is calculated based on purchases made in 365 days, by completed purchases, it’s means purchases paid and shipped.


How it’ work:


·         The total value of purchases made is the sum of bills paid for each order, excluding shipping costs.


·         The level of discounts is calculated automatically.


·         The level of discounts is updated on a regular basis.


·         Prices including the discount are calculated in the basket when finalizing your order.


·         The level of permanent discount may change (subject for terms and condition).


·         Promotional product prices are not subject for a permanent discount, they will be discounted separately.


·         Any discounted product is not subject for a permanent discount, they will be discounted seperately.


 ·       Any returns made used permanent discount, will be deducted from your permanent discount.




When you become as a CROWN, you will receive a Personal discount by email. We will decide how much and for what products you will receive a personal discount. 


You must to be a registered customer to receive all our luxury benefits


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