Organic DIY Kits

The organic & cleanest skincare, made for you, by you.

We provide DIY skincare kits empowering you to create your own custom and organic skincare products.


Control what you put on your skin

We select only organic & natural ingredients for your skin and the planet. Fairly-sourced, Soil Association organic & COSMOS certified.

Paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, petrolatum free, formaldehyde-free, cruelty-free, vegan. There is nothing more than what you see.

We give you the right ingredients in the exact quantity according to your skin type and characteristics. The texture, the smell, we provide you with the recipe that suits your wishes.

100% of our packaging is reusable and recyclable.

Made to Order
What is meant? All ingredients will be freshly filled in bottles straight after purchase your kit. 

How it works?

Customise your kit
Select your kit based on your skin type! You can add the needed accessories to make the product. One small whisk, one small spatula, two glass beakers.

DIY your face cream
Once you receive your kit at home, follow our step-by-step instructions to make your face moisturiser. 

Take care of your skin
Integrate your homemade face moisturiser in your routine like any traditional moisturiser. Your lotion is composed of fresh and natural ingredients. You can use it for up to two months.


Get the Highest level of transparency through DIY


Our kit contains perfectly portioned amounts of ingredients to avoid waste of ingredients you wouldn't use for months. We provide the needed knowledge, making sure that your face moisturiser will be perfectly made.



It takes only 15 minutes to assemble your product, and we guarantee its freshness for up to two months.



Yes, you did it! Extend the self-care experience by enjoying blending the ingredients before beautifying your skin.

Whats in our kit?

Nothing more than the best natural ingredients for your skin

6 natural and organic ingredients chosen and pre-measured for you.
The ingredients vary according to your needs and preferences. These are the categories of ingredient you will find in your kit: 1x organic carrier oil, 1x organic floral water, 1x organic glycerine, 1x mix of organic essential oils, 1x natural emulsifier, 1x natural preservative.


How do I make it at home?

Each kit contains all pre-measured ingredients to make your cream.

Follow the step-by-step instructions included in the kit, and easily make your face moisturiser in 15 min. No knowledge or experience needed!

All you need is 2x glass beakers or double boilers, 1x whisk, 1x spatula. If you don't have those at home, you can buy it from us

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