Dr Agne – clinical herbalist and homeopath is the wisdom behind L'AVES Skin Riches. 

She is an expert in natural and organics skincare formulation, who knows exactly which natural oil to use for your specific skin’s characteristic. Dr. Agne is a former consultant with several experiences in the cosmetic industry.

How it all started…

She always had a dream to make a positive impact for the people and the environment. She decided to create a cosmetics line that is recyclable and only uses natural and organic products, which is a much better alternative and a cleaner way to take care of your skin. She created organic, simple, and customised beauty solution perfect for all skin types.



To make transparency and responsibility the new standards for the beauty industry

Years of research, scientific knowledge and love for nature make L'AVES one of a kind, with products that work on and with your skin for visible, lasting results.

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